The meeting in the forest [6]

I heard a rustling sound being me in the bushes. I turned around quickly, awaiting a wild animal to attack me. But it was not like that. There was no wild animal. All i saw was a strange creature, similar to the ones that i saw on the TV in the office when they showed… Continue reading The meeting in the forest [6]

Ultimatum [5]

After the group vanished from the meeting hall everyone inside of it broke out in panic. Every single person inside of it tried to get out of the room, seemingly to escape that what just occured. Meanwhile security personal rushed inside to check on the politicians and to eliminate the threat that wasnt there anymore.… Continue reading Ultimatum [5]

Civilizations [4]

The strange beings stood in the middle of the large meeting room. Around them stood numerous tables and seats, filled with humanities most powerful politicians. Some of their faces were filled with surprise, others with anger, but all of them had glimpses of fear inside of them. No one of them had ever seen anything… Continue reading Civilizations [4]

The Dark Night [2]

The Dark Night of Washington was one of the most cruelest events in the early 2000’s and marked the starting point to the biggest changes to human society as we knew it. It was on the 26th may 2000. It was a rather warm month in Washington – there was no wind going and the… Continue reading The Dark Night [2]

Unknown evil masterminds – the politician

Story according to one of the eye witnesses at the latest crime scene in the middle of Potatosalad-Town: The following case report is about the criminal only known as the politician. Not much is known about him to this date, but yesterday a eyewitness was able to tell us their story of the latest incident… Continue reading Unknown evil masterminds – the politician

Unkown heroes – citrus man

“Are you sure that this is a good idea grandma?”, he asked with a shaky voice. “Dont worry Jonathan, it will be fine. I did this before in 1963, when your grandpa and me drove that amazing farm with those 2 other young ladies. Ah, back then, when I was younger. You know, your grandpa… Continue reading Unkown heroes – citrus man