Reports of an unknown world [1]

From: Mark Smith Scouting Division, Foreign Affairs To: Edward Nilson Head of Scouting Division, Foreign Affairs Report about the ongoing investigation about a doorway to parts unknown This is a report about the ongoing investigation of the entrance to an uknown part of the world. Our soldiers only call it the ‘doorway’. As omnious as… Continue reading Reports of an unknown world [1]

Unknown evil masterminds – the politician

Story according to one of the eye witnesses at the latest crime scene in the middle of Potatosalad-Town: The following case report is about the criminal only known as the politician. Not much is known about him to this date, but yesterday a eyewitness was able to tell us their story of the latest incident… Continue reading Unknown evil masterminds – the politician

Unkown heroes – citrus man

“Are you sure that this is a good idea grandma?”, he asked with a shaky voice. “Dont worry Jonathan, it will be fine. I did this before in 1963, when your grandpa and me drove that amazing farm with those 2 other young ladies. Ah, back then, when I was younger. You know, your grandpa… Continue reading Unkown heroes – citrus man

Office Talk [4] – The doctorial unicorn

This time i even got a fancy subtitle for this one. Im not sure if doctorial is even a real english word, but whatever. Sounds fun to me 🙂 Enjoy! Doctor: “So Billy, tell me about your problems please. You mentioned before that there is that one man at work that is very close to… Continue reading Office Talk [4] – The doctorial unicorn