Unkown heroes – citrus man

“Are you sure that this is a good idea grandma?”, he asked with a shaky voice. “Dont worry Jonathan, it will be fine. I did this before in 1963, when your grandpa and me drove that amazing farm with those 2 other young ladies. Ah, back then, when I was younger. You know, your grandpa… Continue reading Unkown heroes – citrus man

Office Talk [4] – The doctorial unicorn

This time i even got a fancy subtitle for this one. Im not sure if doctorial is even a real english word, but whatever. Sounds fun to me 🙂 Enjoy! Doctor: “So Billy, tell me about your problems please. You mentioned before that there is that one man at work that is very close to… Continue reading Office Talk [4] – The doctorial unicorn

Work interview conspiracies

So I had some sort of business talk with my boss the other day. You know, about stuff like how happy I am at work and if I got any suggestions regarding future plans or current projects. And I got to say, this was way more pleasant then I thought that it would be. It… Continue reading Work interview conspiracies

Curious times

Curious times my friends. I’m trying to write a lot more these days (which is also due to m girlfriend gonig away to study stuff in like ~3 months. Got to do something to not go insane, right?). I’m actually writing everything on paper before i post it on this blog too. Work better for… Continue reading Curious times