The meetings of the nations [3]

After the events of the Dark Night there were a lot of reactions all over the world. Many people were shocked by what happened, others expressed their sadness about the many deaths in Washington. Politicians and scientists everywhere asked themselves though what really happened. Something like this never happened before. No one knew how the group of people flew through the sky and was able by merely throwing green light onto the city to destroy as much as they did. Additionally to that for many weeks after the incident it was not known who those human beings actually were. No one knew where they came from and it was also not known what they actually tried to achieve through their actions. There was no organization out there that claimed the act of terrorism for themselves.

The leaders of the worlds biggest nations came together in a crisis meeting to talk about how this could have happened and tried to put together how to prevent something like that, but it was a futile task to do. They all didnt know anything at all; many leaders thought of it as a nuclear or biological strike with super-modern weapons. But today we know they are wrong.

During this meeting even stranger things happened then it was ever imaginable before. At the second day of the meeting a group of strange beings arrived at the city were the meeting was held. They were seemingly unnoticable – all of them wore rather normal clothes. They still seemed different from others around them though – they looked like animals. One of them, today known as Rangbar, looked like a oversized lion with a rather big and voluminous mane. Another one looked like a bull. Others had a more feline appaerance. The whole group was filled with various animal-like creatures. All of them were moving around on 2 feet – many of them even had normal human-like hands instead of hoofs or paws at the front. Quite a few of them were easily 3 meters tall. A fear-inducing aura was emitting from them.

And then it happened.

At the beginning of the meetings of the political human leaders of the world on this very day the whole group somehow appeared in the meeting hall. It was a big surprise, i can tell you that much. They just popped into the hall. A few seconds before that eye witnesses saw them walking around a house a few kilometers away from the meeting spot. So how did they get in there in seemingly seconds? How can a whole group of animal people just cross a distance of several kilometers filled with walls of thick stone and metal just like that? A act of impossibility. Atleast back then everyone thought so.

When that happened security tried to rush in in a hurry, but all the doors were shut and sealed before even one of them could get in. The leaders of humankind were trapped inside the meeting hall with a bunch of uknown creatures that seemed to have technology that surpassed anything that anyone had every seen before.

What could they have possibly wanted from the politicians that ruled the earth back then? Another act of terrorism? Killing the whole leadership of the world in one blow? Who could have known?


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