The Dark Night [2]

The Dark Night of Washington was one of the most cruelest events in the early 2000’s and marked the starting point to the biggest changes to human society as we knew it.

It was on the 26th may 2000. It was a rather warm month in Washington – there was no wind going and the people went out to relax and celebrate in the midst of the town. Many of them went to local bars and cafes to get together with their friends, living life to the fullest and not carrying about all the bad things that were happening in the world at that point. It is told that back then 10 masked men and women all clothed in black thick coats walked as a group through on of the many streets of the city. Security back then was low and people in the city often do not care how people look like or what they do, so they mostly went unnoticed. They went for a plaza near the white house, seemingly unfaced by the others around them. Up to this point no one would be able to imagine what followed afterwards.

After the group arrived at the middle of the plaza all of them started to drop their coats. Underneath they weared clothes with strange ornaments on them. Many of them also had belts with at this time unusual card holders on them.

One of the group, seemingly the leader and today only know as the person with the code name ‘turning point’, opened his arms as like he wanted to embrace the world. While doing so he started shouting strange words in an unknown language. After a few seconds his companions joined him doing exactly the same as him. The language sounded harsh and wasnt fluent at all. It was like when you cite math formulars. It didnt make any sense to people back then.

After a while people around them gathered to watch the group do their chanting. After 10 minutes of chanting the group suddenyl stopped. And that is when the unthinkable happened.

Every person in the group suddenly started to glow in a strange green light. At first it was only a small glow, similar to when you use a flash light. But it grew brighter rapidly. The people around them were first astonished and clapped, but after a while they started to fear what they saw. Some screamed and most of them tried to run away. What they did not know though was that it was already too late for them.

After exactly 5 minutes of glowing there was a loud bang to be heard around the whole city. Every single person in it heard it. Many of them stopped whatever they were doing at this time and looked around them. After a while it was clearly to be seen what was happening around them, although no one back then was able to understand it. The people of the previously mentioned group were flying to the sky, cloaked in the green light they summoned before. While flying they started throwing the light onto the ground.

The first people that got hit by it didnt even run away. They just stood there, waiting patiently for things to happen. But it was understandable – who would have actually thought that the light would explode?

Loud explosions filled the evening sky. Smoke rose up all over the city. And suddenly people all over the city started to panic. As the members of the group today only known as the circle of the green crystal wreaked havoc around the city many people realized that this was not as harmless as it first seemed to be. While the streets filled up with screaming people and toppled buildings and the worst chaos imaginable started the police tried helplessly to get control about the current events. Fire brigades all around the town tried to extinguish the green flames that were caused by the explosions everywhere. But they were not able to keep up with the pure destruction that was caused.

After a while the army rushed into town and helped evacuating the citizens. But even them were not able to stop the members of the attacking group. The green flames burned holes through their shells and crashed many planes to the ground. Bullets were just melted away by pure heat.

The whole attack lasted until 8 pm. But even after that, the city was not under control. The fires still burned and buildings went unstable and toppled all over. Others used the chaos for their advantage just like it always was when tragedies happen and robbed and killed to their liking. Only after 10 long hours, at 6 am of the 27th may, the army and other service personal were able to get some control of the city back. Or rather, that what was left of it – the core of it was destroyed, including the white house. Fortunately for the states the president wasnt there at this point, but the city itself was lost as it was.

But what actually happened occupied people around the world for days, months and even years to come.

But the real changes were still to come.


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