About the ever changing world [1]

Inspired by a series i watched and something i really wanted to do for a while now. Enjoy!


These are the written stories of Martin McSullivan, a simple man from London. Its the year 2034 on earth as I know it.

I want to write those stories down so that they wont be forgotten. I want the people to know about how it all really happened. Stories about the change of the world in the last 40 years. A change that left our society divided and i personally am not sure if all that happened was a good thing or not, but it is what it is i guess. We humans only have little choice when it comes to our own lifes – that is something i learned the hard way in the past. But you will notice that yourself while ill tell my story.

I want to begin my story in the year 2000. The change of the century, where computers were on the rise and technology revolutionized our society. People back then where normal. As normal as they always were. Compared to other times it was a relatively normal age for humans as a whole – of course there was war and there was also suffering. As long as there are humans there will always be things like that. I believe this is uninvitable. But at many places in the world there was peace. What many tried to ignore back then was that this peace was bought with violence against the weak and poor. Especially in poor regions of the world like im living right now many did not care as much for it. But even if they would have done so, would the future not be the same?

Back then science advanced with a frightening pace. New things were rapidly discovered every day and nothing seemed to be hidden anymore. The world seemed to be known to everyone. But two mayor discoveries shook this whole fragile building and made it to rubble. The fudament of the modern human society was not only in danger, it was about to break away.

One of those discoveries was one that dated back to the dark ages. Thats atleast what the historians of this time are saying. Back then everything magic-related was hunted. Many of those that were accused of being a mage or anything similar to it were killed. It was a horrible time. In the 2000’s it was common sense that magic wasnt’t real – not back then, not now. The whitch hunts from back then were only based on false belief and propaganda. And without a doubt, this is true for many of those cases. Many honest and normal people lost their lifes back then. But was that all to that?

That one discovery changed our whole thinking about this. Small particles were discovered that behaved differently from all others. They seemed to fluctuate in the air and reacted to human emotions and thoughts, although only on a small scale in lab experiments. At first researchers were surprised, but paid only little mind to what this could actually mean. But after a while after the research of it went viral a horrible event, the Dark Night of Washington took place.



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