Reports of an unknown world [1]

From: Mark Smith

Scouting Division, Foreign Affairs

To: Edward Nilson

Head of Scouting Division, Foreign Affairs

Report about the ongoing investigation about a doorway to parts unknown

This is a report about the ongoing investigation of the entrance to an uknown part of the world. Our soldiers only call it the ‘doorway’. As omnious as this sounds, it seems like the entrance leads to some unknown caves deep inside our the earth. Researchers that are here under the order of the Special Services Agency said that they are highly certain about that. They seemed to be nervous though, just like the workers around here. There is a certain feeling of uncertainity in the air. I also heard several workes talk to each other. They said that they hope that nothing weird would be coming out of ‘that’. I believe that could mean our doorway.

I personally believe that there is more to it then just a entrance to some caves. The mentioned talk of the workers is one argument for it. Additonally to that i saw some unknown entities walk around the vicinity. There should only be persons of the Special Services Agency and the Scouting Divison here. I was not able to associate mentioned entities to any of those two organisations.

I also saw images on a computer of one researcher that seemed weird for a normal entrance to a cave. They were luminiscent and there were glowing particles on it. Ive never seen anything like it before. Sadly i couldnt see all that much of it and i also wasnt able to retrieve a copy of it. I hope that i will be able to do so in the upcoming days.

At last, why would the Special Services Agency even call for the Scouting Division if this would only be a normal cave entrance anyways? This seems unreasonable. Our divison is built to react to unusual events or findings.

I will continue to observe the ongoing investigations and i will report back to you again when i find something new.


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